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“I absolutely loved your interview Babette, there are so many pearls of wisdom in here for me personally as well as for my placement within the Board Observership Program that I’m undertaking at the moment.   You have a way of explaining in very simple and straight forward language which made this an even more riveting interview.”

Changing Our Mindset – Urban Wellbeing Solutions.

In this conversation, we discuss issues around our thinking and mindsets that get in the way of achieving the solutions we seek and, ultimately, our wellbeing.  We focused on the barriers that get in the way of achieving whatever we want. 

Derek Johnson speaks to Babette about her journey with CI

Babette’s advice, particularly for young professionals entering the CI field, includes “learn to listen, and learn to ask questions.” “The problems we have with CI are the problems we have as individuals. We can’t see how we’re getting in our own way. And corporations are doing.

Humanised Workforce – Future You: Episode 100

How wonderful it was to participate in the 100th episode of the Humanised Workforce focusing on Future You. What did we uncover – the essential skills for the future are the softer ones. These include skills like listening, empathy, storytelling, providing inspiration, clarification and being a go-to point. Leaders need to be brave as they increasingly step into unknown areas.

Reflections with Babette Bensoussan

In this episode of Reflections, we speak with Babette Bensoussan about her trajectory, Competitive Intelligence, strategy, decision-making – and more!

Running into the Fog Podcast image

“I’m a firm believer that we should all be doing the process of #CI in every aspect of our life because it’s all about making better decisions.” Tune in to the latest episode of Running into the Fog podcast for a conversation between Babette and the Jo Bros about the incredible power of CI and where executives fall short when they don’t capitalize on it.

Coaching Isn’t Therapy, It’s About Product Development with You as the Product – In Just 7 Minutes with Babette Bensoussan

Babette shares the importance of having clarity when it comes to the decisions that you make in your work, business, or life. She also shares the benefits and importance of having a mentor, counsellor, or coach to guide you in your choices, business, or life. Make the right choices you won’t regret with the correct guidance!

Better decision making in world of infobesity.
How to improve the quality of your decision making” – an MGSM Alumni Cafe event.
How do we make better decisions in a world suffering from infobesity?

Are you making the best decisions?
Join Babette Bensoussan as she answers questions as part of the SCIP Ask Me Anything series.

Intelligence is the output of analysis. It is a very competitive business environment and competitive intelligence provides a unique edge. Find out what your competitors are doing, what the market is doing, what your customers are doing and what you should be doing and why in this conversation with Babette and Craig West.

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Episode 45 – Encouraging you to use competitive intelligence with Babette Bensoussan

SWOT Analysis A Misused Tool

Video chat with Lan Snell, Director, Global MBA, Macquarie University Business School about the misuse of SWOT analysis.

In this episode with the Savvy Dentist, Dr. Jesse Green, Babette and Jesse talk about industry trends and making better decisions in a VUCA world to position your business for growth.

Babette Bensoussan talks with Victor Perton about Australian Leadership.


Simple things SME’s can do to grow their business.
Understanding business strategy and your competitive environment is key to successful growth.  In this interview by Barry Magliarditi from The Game Changers, Babette talks about some of the simple things SMEs can do to grow their business.

Mindshifts Strategic Planning Australia Webinar

Competitive Insights and Strategy

Babette Bensoussan talks with Dr Nick Hadjinicolau – President of ASP Australia about Competitive Intelligence and Strategy for the Association of Strategic Planning

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