It is easy to lose sight of what you really want from life and what is important to you. Our life coaching programs can help clarify your personal and professional values, purpose and goals. Together we can map a strategy to overcome just about any challenge you face in life.

If you are reading this you are probably at the stage where you know that you would like to take a new direction with your life, but are looking for guidance as to how to do this.

Life coaching is a one to one personal development program – the goal is to assist you to unlock your unlimited potential.

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Our life coaching sessions will help you:

  • clarify your personal & professional values, purpose and goals
  • refine the ideal image of who you are
  • break through internal blocks to help conscious thinking
  • make conscious choices based on the present, not the past
  • shift your thinking, emotions & actions
  • map a plan for you to follow

Life coaching addresses the following areas:

  • goal setting and strategic purpose
  • building confidence and faith in yourself and your intuition
  • dealing with difficult people; anger and conflict resolution
  • communicating and relating with others
  • understanding patterns of behaviour
  • how to motivate yourself and others

All you need is a willingness to reach a higher level of performance, learning or satisfaction.

Get a Life Coach with Years of Experience

Babette Bensoussan is uniquely qualified to offer life coaching. She is both a trained counsellor, and the only Australian qualified coach certified in the Energy Leadership Index (ELI), a unique tool which is used to determine engagement, performance and success abilities in work and life.

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