Coaching isn’t therapy.
It’s product development, with you as the product.

Babette’s coaching services and programs are designed to help individuals and businesses develop leadership, improve decision-making and achieve their goals.

Coaching is a powerful process uniquely designed to assist you with the choices you face and to create lasting change. We all experience changes in our needs, expectations, environment, relationships, careers, economics, business, time demands, and so much more.

Below are our most popular coaching packages, however we can tailor any program to meet your specific needs – Just ask us.

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Internationally renowned coach and mentor

Babette Bensoussan has worked with both local and international executives at all levels for over 20 years. This depth of experience provides her with a comprehensive knowledge of the skills and insights that are needed to achieve success.

Babette is currently the only Australian business coach certified in the Energy Leadership Index (ELI), a unique tool which is used to determine engagement, performance and success abilities in work and life. Her generous, warm personality together with her sharp business acumen enables Babette to inspire and guide her clients to reach their goals.

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Coaching Programs

What’s Next?

Improve your life and decision making to achieve and thrive personally and professionally.

Mindshiftiing My Life

Bust those self-limiting beliefs, boost your productivity and enhance your self-esteem.

Energy, Growth and Leadership

Gain superior personal awareness and strategic insights to help you reach your leadership potential.

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“When I look back at where I was before I started my program with Babette, I cannot believe how much I have shed, shifted and changed. Babette has certainly been the catalyst of that.

Babette is incredibly intuitive and resourceful and she truly cares about taking you on a deep journey of self-transformation. I now fully realize that true leadership starts from within. Then anything external will just sort of become effortless.”

“Babette has been like a ‘breath of fresh air’ as my executive coach and mentor. Perceptive and challenging, she cuts straight to the ‘heart of the matter’ and caused me to rethink and reframe the issues that have been holding me back.

I absolutely recommend Babette as an executive coach to anyone who is looking to regain their mojo and have some fun at the same time.”

“Babette came into my life at the time when I thought that I had most of what I wanted. I sought her coaching because it was recommended – not because I thought I needed a transformation. Polishing around the edges was what I had anticipated.

And yet, what followed was absolutely transformational. Babette worked with me for 2 years and through huge professional and personal challenges. Life circumstances that would have winded me and sent me to my knees, saw me grow stronger and more confident. I understood my own values, drives and desires. I felt that I had a compass, that I could run through the fog and speak my truth.

 I leave this period of coaching knowing that there will be plenty more challenges. But I also know that I have the wisdom, strength and tools to tackle them. And support to come back to – if need be.”

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If you would like to discuss how Babette can help you, or the leaders in your business, please get in touch, or phone +61 (0) 403 346 322.

Each person we work with is unique, and we are always happy to discuss ways that we can further tailor our programs to suit your individual requirements.

Additional Information:

  • Coaching clients can choose between telephone, zoom or Skype sessions.
  • Coaching fees are often tax-deductible.
  • A percentage of all profits go to support charities focused on micro-finance and education.
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